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Upcoming events….

REMEMBER. Saturday and Sunday Worship Services
already be at Hub 8.  

New CHURCH ADDRESS 7/ Floor, Hub 8, 239 Temple St. Jordan. (MTR Exit A or )

Saturday     10:00 AM
Sunday        9:15 AM  Morning Worship
                    2:15 PM  Afternoon Worship

Morning Service already  started
9:15 am every Sunday

3-1 Evangelism - In every 3 days you must share Jesus to at least one 1person. Pray for them and be friend with them. If you continue doing this for 1 year you share Jesus to 121 people! With this you can have 5-10 people be in your disciple group!

GO! GO! GO !

 “Go, make disciples” – is the Lord Jesus command every believers must follow.

It’s not an option it is a command.

Disciple Making Training- after morning and Afternoon worship. Don’t miss it it’s time to grow!

All Disciples be reminded. You are called by the Lord to “Disciple others. Every disciple need to disciples 4 people under you. Keep it on!

Why do DMM? Because you have been called!

  • Call from above says GO! Mark 16:15

  • Call from below says GO! Luke 16:27-28

  • Call from within says GO! 1 Cor. 9:16-17


Everyone must join!

Prayer Request

● Pray for peace, stability, Economy, and protection of every Hong Kong People.

●  Thank God for the blessing property we have in Gapan, Pray that God will pour resources for us to build the First Sunrise Apostolic Center there.

●  Pray for Disciple Making Movement in Hong Kong.

●  Pray for Pastor Jimmy Tam Family and the Team. God continues protection and provisions.

●  Pray for the fruits our Airport Evangelism that now come to church, The Lord will bless them and grow them to be a mighty disciple of Christ.

●  Pray for revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit power in our Churches, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Macao, China and Philippines.

●  Pray for our people to be fire-up in reaching the lost for Jesus, and “Go and make Disciple”.


●  Pray for our DMM movement in Gapan and San Pedro Laguna may the Lord bless this movement.

● Revised financial figure in Aug 2020

Total Operational Income HK$193,782.71

Total Operational Expense (HK$267,212.41)

Add: Adnormal income HK$63,397.00
- Government subsidy

Operational deficit 8/2020 :  (HK$10,032.70)
Accumulated operational deficits this month (HK$1,405,959.35)



7/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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