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Upcoming events….

REMEMBER. Saturday and Sunday Worship Services
already be at Hub 8.  

New CHURCH ADDRESS 7/ Floor, Hub 8, 239 Temple St. Jordan. (MTR Exit A or )

Saturday     10:00 AM
Sunday        9:15 AM  Morning Worship
                    2:15 PM  Afternoon Worship

For prevention of spread of Corona Virus.
Please observe these Rules:

  1. Wear mask at all times when you are coughing and sneezing specially inside the church.

  2. Avoid handshaking, hugging and “biso-biso”.

  3. Wash your hands at all time. Virus spread out when you touched your eyes, nose of face with your contaminated hand but you may not know it. 

  4. IF you are feeling unwell we encourage you to check the Doctor, and stay at home.


Notice about Sunrise International

Ps Jimmy Tam has taken up Sunrise International chairmanship
to lead Sunrise family to implement our vision.
Please join us to congratulate him.

3-1 Evangelism - In every 3 days you must share Jesus to at least one 1person. Pray for them and be friend with them. If you continue doing this for 1 year you share Jesus to 121 people! With this you can have 5-10 people be in your disciple group!

GO! GO! GO !

 “Go, make disciples” – is the Lord Jesus command every believers must follow.

It’s not an option it is a command.

Disciple Making Training- after morning and Afternoon worship. Don’t miss it it’s time to grow!

All Disciples be reminded. You are called by the Lord to “Disciple others. Every disciple need to disciples 4 people under you. Keep it on!

Why do DMM? Because you have been called!

  • Call from above says GO! Mark 16:15

  • Call from below says GO! Luke 16:27-28

  • Call from within says GO! 1 Cor. 9:16-17


Everyone must join!

Prayer Request

● Pray for peace, stability, Economy, and protection of every Hong Kong People.

●  Thank God for the blessing property we have in Gapan, Pray that God will pour resources for us to build the First Sunrise Apostolic Center there.

●  Pray for Disciple Making Movement in Hong Kong.

●  Pray for Pastor Jimmy Tam Family and the Team. God continues protection and provisions.

●  Pray for the fruits our Airport Evangelism that now come to church, The Lord will bless them and grow them to be a mighty disciple of Christ.

●  Pray for revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit power in our Churches, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Macao, China and Philippines.

●  Pray for our people to be fire-up in reaching the lost for Jesus, and “Go and make Disciple”.


●  Pray for our DMM movement in Gapan and San Pedro Laguna may the Lord bless this movement.

● Revised financial figure in May 2020

      Total Operational Income: HK$261,148.42

      Total Operational Expense: (HK$266,154.11)

      Operational Deficit: (HK5,005.69)

      Accumulated deficits to 30 Apr 2020 : (HK$1,455,771.72)


地址 Address : 九龍佐敦廟街239號八福匯7樓     

7/F, Hub 8, 239 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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傳真 Fax : (852) 2332 6232

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