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​Important Notice

1)    Cantonese Celebration will held at The Salvation Army Bradbury Camp on 26 Dec.

       Please visit our website to watch online live-streamed if you can't participate cantonese celebration on 26 Dec.

2)    Indonesian Celebration will held at 7/F Main Hall on 26/12/2021 from 11:00am-1:00pm.​

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Reverence OF God, Carry out the mission, become a disciple, obey the words of God, loving and giving, IN-filling of the Holy Spirit, prayer waRfare


<Pastor's message>

December, 5, 2021

Intimate Daddy Reading List


Announcement & Prayer Focus


1. WELCOME FRIENDS to our fellowship

May the Grace and Blessings of our dear lord fill your heart today.

2. Church Prayer Meeting

Every Friday Evening,7:00pm-9:00pm

Welcome every Sunrise Members come and pray for Sunrise Apostolic Centre.

Song Of  Songs Webpage

3. Song Of  Songs

Date    :Every Tuesday Evening 7:00pm-10:00pm

Target::All children of God

Fee      :Free-will Offering

Enquiry:2332-8361 / whatapp 5228-3107

4. Offering

    Payme, FPS (52283107)、Credit Card or Bank Transfer

    Offering:We accept Credit Card、PAYME、Bank Transfer、Faster Payment Service (FPS)

5. Spiritual Equipped Subject

    Details and Register

6. Extra 1% offering for Vision 2030

​7. Christmas Lunch Buffet on 12 Dec 2021 (Sun).

Prayer Focus

1. Pray for peace, stability, economy and protection of every Hong Kong People.

2. Pray for those affected by Corona virus be healed in Jesus Name, and God's protection be upon every one of us.

3. Pray for Discipe Making Movement in Hong Kong.

4. Pray for Pastor Jimmy Tam Family and the Team. God continues protection and provisions.

5. Pray for the fruits our Airport Evangelism that now come to church. The Lord will bless them and grow them to be a mighty disciple of Christ.

6. Pray for revival and outpouring of the Holy Spirit power in our Churches, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Macao, Philippines.

7. Pray for our people to be fire-up in reaching the lost for Jesus, and  "Go and make Disciple".

8. Pray for our DMM movement in Gapan and San Pedro Laguna may the Lord bless this movement.

9. Pray for our finance: 

● Financial figure in Sep 2021
    Operational Income: $192,470.75
    Operational Expenses: ($251,398.00)
    Operational deficit for 9/2021 : ($58,927.25)
    Accumulated deficits up to 30/9/2021($1,014,779.05)

● Financial figure in Oct 2021

    Operational Income: $185,907.80
    Operational Expenses: ($254,170.55)
    Operational deficit for 10/2021 : ($68,262.75)
    Accumulated deficits up to 31/10/2021($1,090,321.80)