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  我們在上週四、五紀念了以色列的普珥節 ─ 這是一個粉碎屠殺所有猶太人計劃。[帖4:16] 神顯示祂




1. 神使用普通百姓來實現祂的計劃:

我們認為自己是一個平凡的人嗎?我們要興起,因為我們可能是下一個以斯帖,被神用來復 興我們的家、城市或世界的人。

2. 我們必須禁食並向神祈禱:

興起策略性的人(政府官員、立法者、商人和有影響力的人),就像亞哈隨魯作王一樣,被主 感動和改造。

3. 順服主需要冒險和犧牲:

以斯帖宣告:「招聚書珊城所有的猶太人,為我禁食三晝三夜,不吃不喝;我和我的宮女也 要這樣禁食。然後我違例進去見王,我若死就死吧!」(帖4:16) 上一次順服主需要作出犧牲 和冒險是甚麼時候?我們可以犧牲而不順服主,但順服主是需要作出犧牲,以斯帖甘願冒險 作出犧牲,實現神的旨意,何等的光榮。

4. 聆聽我們的屬靈導師:

神給了以斯帖一個很好的屬靈導師末底改,引領她完成神從邪惡的哈曼之手拯救以色列人的計 劃。每個偉大的人物背後都有一位偉大的老師。如果我們很聰明,那就太好了!但是,如果我們 有一位好的導師、領導者和門徒團隊,我們甚至可以變得更加聰明。如果我們還沒有,請立即開 始尋找吧!



Last Thursday and Friday –we take into remembrance the holiday in Israel , The Purim Festival – This a festival celebrating the salvation of the Jews from the hand of evil Haman– who plotted to slaughtered and annihilate all the Jews. [Esther 3:8] living under the Empires of King Xerxes who reigned over 127provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia. [Esther 1:1]

Esther receives a very devastating news from her cousin Mordecai who adopted her as da

ughter a very alarming news of the decree

proposed by evil Haman to kill Xerxes of killing all the Jews living in the land. Esther with her faith to the Lord, responded with the Holy strategy to defeat this attacke

d by fasting and prayer [v.16] and adding action into her faith. God displays His power, turning ordinary Esther to be the catalyst of transformation in the life of Jewish people under King Xerxes.

What should we learn from Esther?

1. God uses ordinary people to accomplish his will:

Do you think Yourself as an ordinary person? Brace yourself because you could be the next Esther to be used by the Lord to transform your home, city or the world.

2. We have to fast and pray to God to raise up strategic people:

Government Officials, Legislator, Business people and all persons with influence). Be touched and transform by the Lord just like the King Xerxes.

3. Obedience to the Lord take a risk. Obedience to the Lord involve a sacrifice.

Esther declaration 4:16 “Go, gather together all the Jews who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.”  When was the last time, yo

u risk your life just because you wanted to obey the Lord? Obedience to the Lord comes with Sacrifices. You can sacrifice without obedience, but you cannot obey the Lord without sacrifice. Esther took the risk and sacrifice to accomplished God’s will in her life. The result was glorious!

4. Listen to your mentor: God gave Esther a very good mentor [Mordecai] to guide and lead in her journey in accomplishing God’s plan of deliverance to the people of Israel from the hand of evil Haman. Every great people come with a great teacher.

If you think you are smart great! But you can even be smarter if you have a mentor, if you have a leader, if you have a disciple group. Find one now if you do not have yet!

God bless you all. stay safe. and Let us keep praying.

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