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熱愛人的神 Our loving God





  只有少數的單没有獨享神恩,還將自己從神得來的恩惠與人分享;又有些人會告訴別人:『不用靠我,您也可以自己去取吃的。』;極少數的甚至去教導他人,如何讓更多人自己去發現這個大火鍋 — 神熱情的愛!




I saw a vision in my prayer in a morning. There was a hot pot over a stove, with lots of delicious food bubbling inside, and its portion seemed to be never-ending. What a pity!

I didn’t see many people going to the hot pot or take the food from it.

In our city, there are many churches and organization who hold charities to give out food, masks and provisions. Many people in need are able to benefit from these charity services, and love and even the gospel are shared in the process.

The hot pot vision reminds me of the love and provision of God—abundant and never-ending. What is unfortunate is that not many people discover nor accept his goodwill. Those who have discovered it are able to experience the never-ceasing grace of God…

There are a few people, not only have they tasted God’s grace, but they have also shared His grace to others. They would tell the others, “You don’t need me to serve you food from the hotpot, you can help yourself” There are still smaller group of people who go on to teach and equip others, so that his disciples can find the hot pot (God’s love!) themselves.

Dear brothers and sisters, let’s answer to the this vision! Also think about what type of person you are? What kind of relationship you have with God now?

For many are called, but few are chosen. (Matthew 22:14)

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