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Memorise What’s God Had Done for Us

Happy Easter to brothers and sisters in Sunrise

I would like to tell a wonderful update that all services will be restored next week.We all are able to back to church for services and fellowships in person.

Our Lord blesses us and societies and His Kingdom through the church,house of God and we have to be excited about those changes and transformations that we witnessed.

Keep it up and support the house of God by serving and praying and offering.

Once you stay so close with us, you would know the arrangements for this weekend and it is the weekend of Good Friday, Passover and Easter; those who know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ will take time to examine themselves, think about what Jesus has done, and thank God for the Incomparable sacrifice on the cross!

Those who was participating in the Good Friday and Passover gatherings are obeying what God has commanded. God will be more in control of life, church and other matters because of our obedience.

The joy of Easter comes from the sacrifice of God, so that we are justified, forgiven, cleansed, and deeply aware of how great and merciful that God has done for us! We must respond to God’s greater love in deep. I hope to see you all in other services and prayers and also the Good Friday and Passover next year to offer prayers and worship together.



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