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End Time War

Recently I read the book of Rick Joyner, End Time War, again. In one chapter, it talked about the solders of hell. When I reread again, I have many thoughts.

The author talked about what were at the front of the hell army. It was pride, self-justice, selfish ambition, unjust argument and jealousy. Doesn’t it appear to people around us, even in the church? The author stated that it was the accuser of the brothers who led this army.

In fact, the front line attack we experience is accusation. The weapon of accuser is threat and betray. We will then withdraw, fall back and become weak. Another accuser’s attack is gossips, defamation and picky.

Certainly, the result is making our brothers and sisters become easily rejected, bitter, no tolerance, and unforgiving. It make us live in unresolvable hatred among people. These rotten sores will become bigger and bigger. The whole church and community will be easily controlled by the devil. There will be divisions, attack of each other. Certainly in this situation, it is difficult to have a united heart to develop the kingdom of God. Then, how can we twist the situation and let brothers and sisters extend God’s kingdom with a united heart?

First, we have to humble ourselves, do not overly emphasize on ourselves but see other people as stronger than ourselves.

Secondly, if we have rejection, bitterness, intolerance and withdrawal, quickly confess our sin and repent.

Thirdly, we have to avoid gossips, defamation and picky words. We have to stay away from these people and talk because they do not know what they are doing.

Fourthly, if we get hurt we have to find spiritual people to do inner healing so that we will not distort and project our hurt on other people and destroy our relationship with them.

God bless!

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