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Our 23rd Anniversary Draws Near and God has Spoken to Us in Great Abundance and Riches.


He speaks of excellent things, the opening of His lips is ointment pour forth unto us, better than fine gold or choice silver.

First of all, He wants us to accomplish that which He pleases.: fulfilling the 2030 vision of establishing 10 apostolic centers (currently in Hong Kong and Gapan, Philippines), raising up 100 missionaries, 50 youth workers for harvesting souls and bringing revival to Hong Kong. Now, in addition to reviving Hong Kong and the existing apostolic centers, we need to labour all the more abundantly , diligently through the seven years of the Great Plenty Years (2024-2030). Besides, we must be vigilant in keeping watch of our appointed seasons.

Some may think that the 2030 vision is great and mighty that they know not, but didn't the Lord call His disciples to accomplish great and mighty things,? --“Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Mt 28:19)  Therefore, be strong and courageous. Don’t let your heart falter in times of adversity but let your meditation of Him be sweet to Him.

I partook along with other brethren in Sea Cruise Worship(Chosen 4) unto the Lord organized by Hallelujah Ministries. The plan is certainly great and mighty.  including a budget of tens of millions of dollars, two voyages at the same time, recruiting a total of 4,000 participants, and arranging for programs on the cruise and prayers while their co-workers were few. They were all volunteers, and their members were not many either. The person in charge is a 71 year old missionary (not from Hong Kong),

This is indeed a miracle from God! Aren’t the coworkers there all indeed elite soldiers for Christ? When the Lord returns, they will sure have their rewards.

Does not wisdom cry out? And understanding putting forth her voice?  We could never accomplish God’s work by reason of or giving glory to our manpower, strength and talent. But we have organized annual city-wide Hong Kong Day of Prayer on Oct 1st.every year for consecutively eight years.  We have also completed ten Parades march and Lunar Prayer Parade (with prayers upon the altar unto our Lord ascending up before God out of the angel’s hand). Indeed, wisdom of God cries at the city gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors unto the children of men in Hong Kong. His mighty voice is to the sons of men all over Hong Kong. Praise the Lord for His everlasting kindness and His presence in our aforesaid events.

We also built  the Sunrise church, branching out in the Philippines and Macau.

It is only by the zeal of the Lord almighty, He Who prepared the heaven, Who set a compass upon the face of the depth, Who strengthened the foundation of the deep, and according to His everlasting mercy, used us, His unworthy servants to accomplish these mighty and great works.  Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!

Affectionately desirous of meeting all of you, our dear brethren at our 23rd Anniversary Celebration, Praise the Lord!

Brethren, after all, seek with all your heart that we all, all that is within us, all our disposition, temperance, our speech, our attitude, all of our mind, become daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him. Amen.

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