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Become a Missionary Community

Last week, I made mention of "Enhancing Your Relationship with the Lord", and of this week, what shall be said? Draw near to the Lord daily using WWW-worship, God's Word, and watch and pray. Continue unceasingly practicing it, for it is pleasing to God. Once you built intimacy with the Lord, the LORD command blessings and His favour upon us. He will answer your prayer when you cal! Amen! Go forth ! Seek Him whom your soul loveth.

It came to pass on Thursday (November 2) I had meetings with two groups of brothers and sisters. One from China, floods my soul with joy with their timely arrival. Well pleased by their commitment and their espousals of advancing gospels to the Mandarin-speaking young people in Hong Kong. They are making attempts to organize concerts to preach gospels of the kingdom of God. They would also rent our place as a start. I am deeply moved. All that we desire is revival in Hong Kong. In fact, not only the Cantonese- speaking group, but also the ethnic minorities, such as the Filipinos, Indonesians, and even Africans come out unto our church, converting to Christ. We also see the long-awaited Mandarin speakers will come to faith in Jesus in large numbers, and what is even more pleasing to God is that even young Mandarin speakers believe the gospel. Indeed Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area are entering revival and abundance in Christ. All of us need to partake in this. We will work with our brethren commissioned by God unto all manner of service to prosper gospel of the Kingdom of God! We foresee our appetite for revival be duly fulfilled.

In the same week, came forth three young missionaries from Hong Kong who had served in Turkey and are now back in Hong Kong. They long to encourage more young people in Hong Kong to embark on the mission field. I was moved by what they said, and I hope that more of our brothers and sisters will set out on missionary journeys to different countries, so that they can reach out to others as fishers of men. Behold, how good and how pleasant it is. The Lord verily loves them and is pleased with them.

God's vision for 2030 is to send 60-80 missionaries, to do the Lord's work in various countries, and to establish 10 apostolic centers in 10 different cities in 10 different countries, now there are Hong Kong, Macau, and Gapan, and we still need to pray hard to see where the next one will be, to continue the vision that God has given us. Holding forth the word of life; we will labour more abundantly - We offer more upon the sacrifice and service of mission work: We will send out missionaries and minister unto their wants. But much more, we need to become a missionary community, where everyone embraces missions, everyone prays for missions, and there come shortly offerings of money and effort to missions work, so that the Kingdom of God will advance greatly and God be glorified. We hope that all of you will be a partaker of this! Amen!








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