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God Always Render Unto Us Our Dedication To Him

This month, I have amazing encounter with the Lord. The natural phenomena /spectacle has also crossed our path. I deeply experienced that whenever people are willing to offer themselves to the Lord, God will verily show forth His loving kindness. We witness His faithfulness every time. Last Saturday, Pastor Maggie and I went to the Lower Pak Nai along with our student trainee. This is part of their practicum. I saw that the trainees had prepared well beforehand and practiced hard that day. We saw their dedication to the Lord for the spiritual exercises. By His tender mercies, God speedily render unto us our devotion. His faithfulness was evidently set forth. - we had to take a few rides to the destination. As soon as we reached the bus stop, a bus would immediately arrive in time to take us. Besides the number of seats available also happened to be just the right number of people in our group; We were worried about not being able to see clearly and would be in danger. But we were captivated by God’s wonderful works which preserve us! When it became dark, time after time, God sent birds to fly from behind us to in front of us, as if to assure us of His omnipotent presence, leading us and accompanying us along the way. ......He was round about us.

On Monday, a few brothers and sisters and I pray walk around the Lion Rock area. Once again, God render unto us our work for Him along the way in great measure. He lifted up the light of His countenance upon.. At one point, after worship, I saw a harp-shaped cloud in the sky. Later, a sister mentioned about "knock and the door will be open" in her prayer, and at the same time, there was a cloud in the sky shaped like an open door. After we blew the trumpet at the peak of the Lion Rock, there were four clouds shaped like trumpets in the sky! It was as if God was telling us through the clouds that He was pleased that we were making time to worship Him on the hill. So as we worshiped, He was playing the harp in heaven; as we prayed for doors to be opened, He opened the doors in heaven; as we blew the trumpets, He blew the trumpets in heaven!

Although our dedication is modest, God is pleased with it. He has shown forth His wonders, presence, and glory unto us. The blessings bestow on us as we fully commit ourselves to God are beyond our imagination, aren't they? Brethren, don't go backward , spare not your time, money, physical strength for God. Take delight in giving all your mind unto Him, meditate nothing on vanity. For God always render unto us our dedication to Him.

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