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 Life of Faith

  Starting from February, I have been living a life of faith in Christ i.e. to continue to do God's work through the provision of love offerings  of our brothers and sisters in church, especially in fulfilling the Lord's Great Commission that He has charged us: to make disciples of all nations and to do missionary work in the nations.


  Surely , God is leading us to do more missionary work. God has given us the goal of raising up 60 to 100 missionaries by 2030, and to set up 10 apostolic centres overseas to train more workers for the Lord's great harvest of lost souls.


  This month, apart from visiting my family in the US, I ministered in Korea and Huizhou, Guangdong Province. When I returned to the office, I ceased not in  teaching, training, leading prayer meetings, and serving the Lord, which is a very fulfilling life. By the grace of God that He has bestowed on me, I labour more abundantly, abounding in the work of God.  I strain ahead towards my goal in Christ.

  Arise, brethren,  all of you. Follow Jesus in this direction in the future, and work hard in our church to serve. Give offerings to meet the church's financial needs. Do bear in mind, that giving offering to support the church's expenditures,  is storing treasures in heaven.

  Besides, equip yourself to do more missionary work in the future because this is God's house. In fact, all of us have a part to play in sharing the work of the church.


  Secondly, we need to equip ourselves, study Bible, and acquiring the skills to serve in the church. We must also put it into practice in church in the acknowledgement that all things are subdued unto Him, that God may be all in all. We, all of us, are just mortal bodies, we are not even meet to be called servants of God. But by God’s grace,  He gave us the victory through Jesus, His only son who died on the cross for remission of sins.   So, let not our sins or devil’s work gain any supremacy.


  In the future, we will be commissioned as missionaries to fulfil God's will, amen!


  Let us deny ourselves, bear the cross daily and follow Him.  The mighty power of the cross of Jesus Christ can give us a life of humility and obedience, to minister unto Him working for Him, and that power is real and abiding forever and ever.  A life of Christ is needful for His ministry and He is waiting for our consent to gain mastery of our whole being.  Amen.



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