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Stop Using Your Flesh Immediately & Pray to God  

"If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace." (Proverbs 29:9)

We have conflict because of our flesh, flesh makes people do not give up in their conflict and easily lose focus. It does not solve this problem, the result is that the struggle cannot be stopped. A wise person does not mean that he does not touch his flesh, his flesh has to be dealth with thoroughly. When there is struggle, a power is formed and occupied our goodness, we lose our ability to pray for the conflict and the other party.

The covenant of God is good and peace. In the high place there is his glory, it absolutely can solve the problem, and resolve the grievances. We can set the words of our lips apart and humbly come to God and pray, to fill with the glory of God and kill the flesh and dissolve people’s heart with his holiness.

During the 21 nights revival meetings, a sister was deeply healed. She grew up in an environment that was full of conflicts. In God’s mighty work she was healed and set free, within a minute her outlook has changed into kindness. In my memory she was difficult to get along and easily got into conflict with people. At that time I was not sure whether I have recognized the wrong person! In this situation, we witness God’s mighty glorious work in her.

Brothers and sisters, do you have conflicts in your family, at work or human relationship? Proverbs 29:9 reminds us that we have to stop our flesh immediately. The next action is to pray and use God’s authority to change the situation, let the glory of God fill. God will give you a good result. Amen!



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