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Three Matters Pertaining to Sunrise Family:

Although it was raining heavily on Wednesday, we give thanks unceasingly for our family members, Philippians, and those in the Kingdom who joined together in walkathon for the needs of church. Our brethren, who are strong to labour, offer up sacrifices unto the Lord of our own voluntary.  To those who love the family of God at Sunrise, we thank you for laboring so abundantly unto Him. Your hard work will ever be gratefully acknowledged.  Indeed, we abide a family in body of Christ continually, don’t we?

The Lord will render to every one of us our faithfulness, of our endeavours, as well as the fruits of labour we brought unto the Lord. He will render to our all due; honour to whom honour.  We shall in no wise lose our rewards.

Our Sunrise co-workers were invited to participate in the option 4, free or half-price cruise, and now Sunrise has invited many pastors to take a free ride and join us for 288 hours of worship and prayer on a sea cruise without money and without price, interceding for the Asian revival. It was a surety an awesome grace, and the two weeks at sea was like living on earth as if we were in heaven, hallelujah!

On the day of the walkathon, I had the opportunity to talk with a brother. He shared he bears witness for God’s protection in his life, both at work and at home.



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