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Pastor Message

Dear brethren,

Last week we started a series of life transforming preaching. I hope everyone who come to attend Sunrise is not like other church goers who thought that “I go to church”, “I am a Christian”, “ I am baptized” and then live our church life. Some people are satisfied; some do not grow, some just grow a little bit. I hope our brothers and sisters have a spiritual dissatisfaction. Through this dissatisfaction we can grow, mature and do great things for God.

1. Have you experience miracles?

God is a supernatural God. The Bible is full of His supernatural work. But it seems our “normal Christian life” does not have this element. And we do not experience miracles. Our religion is only remain in normal rational knowledge but do not manifest a great and supernatural God.

2. Have you experience his supernatural guidance?

God is a living God; He knows our future and has a good plan for us. But we always miss God’s plan for us because of ignorance. We are like walking in darkness, our lives are more terrible than others. What a pity!

3. Have you experience life better and better?

You went from weak in body to getting strong and healthy. You went from lack of faith to having great faith. Or you went from a pity person to a person who experience abundance. Jesus helps you, He has a very good plan for you. He just wants one thing from you, is to have a good relationship with you. Are you willing?

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