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The season of prayer

Recently we have attended a series of exciting events, such as the strategic camp in Indonesia, visiting a 260,000 people church and praying at their prayer tower. The presence of God was very strong.

Last week I attended the life heritage conference of Zhao Yongji. In the conference we saw the great works of God in Korea. Many speakers builded ten thousand people churches under the anointed leading of Rev. Zhao. One of the pastors of the fastest growing church grew from several people to over ten thousand people.

In the three-day conference, many brothers and sisters and intercessors and I prayed a lot. On the stage, I also have had the opportunity to lead several thousand people to pray in five prayer sessions. It was the grace of God. Certainly, the most thankful thing was that in the last session, our worship team led ten thousand people worship the Lord. At last, many attendees came to the stage to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit. It's a spectacular scene. Sunrise worship team was mightily used by God, Hallelujah!

I believe in this phenomenon which I called prayer revival is beginning. We have to enter into a new wave of prayer. God is urging us to pray. In the end time, if you don’t pray, it is very difficult. In the past two years, with what happened on the earth, we have to pray.

August 22 We started the 40 day fast

August 23 Hong Kong has the hottest day in 130 years

August 24 In Hong Kong typhoon signal no. 10 is


10 people died in the typhoon in Macau

August 26 Shenzhen thunder shocks are very serious.

August 27 Typhoon signal no. 8 is hoisted again, most

churches stopped Sunday service

August 28-30 In USA typhoon Hawai attacked Texas.

Houston, the second biggest US city suffered flood, 38 people died and 6,000,000 suffered from the flood

End of August In Bangladesh, 2/3 of the land flooded, 1200 people died, 16,000,000 people suffered in the flood, Napal and India…

Sept. 1 Typhoon Mawar became stronger, in the

weekend, Hong Kong will be affected by typhoon.

In this world, what can we do, being God’s children, we have to pray. Therefore October 1 Hong Kong Day of Prayer is our big event. We call all the believers in Hong Kong to prayer together to avoid the coming of disasters.

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