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Dear brethren,

October 1 Hong Kong Day of Prayer is coming. Have you prepared your heart to attend this whole city united prayer? Maybe other churches will not send all their people to come to this event, but brothers and sisters of Sunrise, you cannot miss this event. This event blesses people and also elevates you. Why do we have to pray in unity?

1. To pray in unity is the command of God

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19. It is the authority Jesus given to the church, whatever we bound on earth, has to be bound in heaven. To exercise this authority, we have to pray in unity. In Matthew 18:18, Jesus said “truly I say to you”. It is an emphasized sentence. And then say (I say to you) (v. 19) It is also Jesus’ command. Therefore, united prayer is not just prayer, it is the condition emphasised in the authority in use of prayer.

2. United prayer is prayer valued by God

When Jesus talked about two persons pray in unity, He also declared Father God’s promise. “our father in heaven will do accordingly.” Therefore, united prayer, in this generation where individualism upswing, is clearly very important. God loves unity and God expects unity. In Matthew 18:20 Jesus pointed out that when two persons gather together, He will be in their midst. Therefore, we will attend the Hong Kong Day of Prayer, God will be in our midst. Thus our whole family has to come, to prayer together and enjoy the sweet presence of God together.

That day is also Sunday, the whole church’s DMM celebration will be held in Noah’s Ark at the same time. All the churches will celebrate

together. Please make a point to attend 10 a.m. Joint celebration together.

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