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Dear Brethren,

Probably not every Christians is passionate in loving God. They think that believing in God, go to the Heaven and enjoy an eternal life are what they desire for. However, God actually expects more from us. Jesus is coming very soon and we have to get into an even more intimate relationship with Him – it is a bridegroom-bride relationship. (Between God and churches)

1. Significance of a husband-wife relationship

In the Bible, there are four kinds of relationships: servant-and-the-lord, father-son relationship, friendship and marriage. Many of us only remain as a father-son relationship with our God, or even a servant-and-the-lord relationship. Due to that, we do not find it enjoyable to stay with our God. Let’s review these four kinds of relationships in the following:

- Servant-and-the-lord

It is a hierarchal relationship but not a family relationship.

- Father-son relationship

It is also a hierarchal relationship but they are in a family. Sons are able to inherit from his father.

- Friendship

It is an equal relationship yet people are not in the same family with God

- Marriage

It is another equal relationship and as family members, husband and wife can enjoy inheritance of each other.

2. Significance of husband loving the church

In the Bible, it says that Jesus loves churches is as how husband loves his wife. Jesus came as a person in flesh was to create us. Jesus did four things for us:

- Came as a human in flesh – Became a human and came to the world.

- Took an image of servant to serve the world.

- Having been totally obedient – to fulfil the way the God commanded Him.

- To scarify on the cross and had been abandoned by the Lord.

God loves us because He wants to save us and embraces us to be His brides (in an equal relationship with Him) in order to enjoy endless joy with Him in the eternity. This is the expectation our God has on us and He is very willing to share this with every one of us and to love us forever. I wish that you can respond to the love of God in the way that a bride responds to her bridegroom. We should chase after, wait for and desire for the coming of our God always.

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