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Dear Brethren,

Recently I have read two books, one is “study of filling of Holy Spirit in Luke from original scriptures” by Dr. Hilbert S. T. Ong of Ecclesia Theological Seminary. Another one is “Fully experience the power of the blood” by a Korean pastor, pastor Kam. Why do I have to introduce these two books to you?

We are living in a shallow age, “like” and “dislike” become our lifestyle. In fact, life has many levels, some are deeper and some are shallow, love and not love. Some people will give a “dislike” to reading. In comparison with movie, I like movie more, and do not like words. But I would say, books are beneficial to me.

Certain place of the above two books are difficult to read. But after I read it, I feel a deep level of satisfaction because it has solved my deep level queries.

The first book is about infilling of Holy Spirit. Because it was written by a scholar it is difficult to read. But I saw that “filling” of Holy Spirit used two different Greek words pleres and pimplemi. The first word express “full of Holy Spirit”, and the latter one is “filling of Holy Spirit”. What is the difference? The first one emphasizes somebody’s character, e.g. joy, gentle, peace, that is the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit. While “filling of Holy Spirit” is a short term infilling. It means being fully covered by certain things outside. That explained baptism of Holy Spirit. The person is emerged fully in the Holy Spirit, surrounded by and emerged by Holy Spirit. In that condition there are many manifestation of Holy Spirit, such as speak in tongue, prophecy and miracles. As people of God we should experience these two types of filling. On one hand we should have the character of the Holy Spirit—ie. Fruit of Holy Spirit. On the other hand, we have to have the power of Holy Spirit to work with us. This is the benefit of the first book.

In the other book, the author discovered that we can use “His blood” to effectively cast evil spirit. That is miraculous. The blood of Jesus is not just historical fact, it is not just knowledge, “His blood” can redeem us from sin, “His blood” can cast out evil spirit and demon. It is one of the spiritual weapon God has given us.

The above introduction perhaps cannot be accepted by other churches and believers. But if we pursue to be victorious and effective in serving, I hope you can receive, to be soldier of God, bring glory to God, bear fruits, cast out the devil and release more people into God’s Kingdom. Amen!

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