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Dear Brethren

After October 1 Hong Kong Day of Prayer, God has opened a new and very big door for us. In the future three years, God will have many works, the work of the Holy Spirit and great harvest, so that in year 2020 20 percent of the population will believe in Jesus. Our family, colleagues, and teachers and students in school will be saved and enter into God’s kingdom. Hong Kong will be transformed into a joyous city, harp and bow and God’s holy city, Amen!

For Sunrise brothers and sisters to be able to be part of this revival, we have to be influential people. Influential people don’t have to be persons that do great things or multimillionaire. What is most important is the following element:

You + God + person in need = person who influences that person

1. Be thankful and contended

Many times Hong Kong does not know that she is powerful. If we compare with super millionaires, successful people or politicians, we will feel poor, powerless and useless. In fact, living in Hong Kong today, in many areas we are in front of the world. Our competitiveness is top 5 among the world. If Christians can be contended and think about the kingdom of God, God can use us. We can positively influence people without having to use many money or energy to help people in need.

2. Praying person who has Holy Spirit

Physically speaking, we don’t have to be very rich. But we plus God are powerful person. God sent the Holy Spirit to help us. He is an almighty God, He knows the past, present and future. He is our counsellor and teacher that show us all. He can also give us supernatural gift so that we can help other people. If we pray more, He would give to us.

3. Serve those that are in need

Many times we cannot influence people because we find the wrong target. The best targets are those when they are in need, they will find you and you can pray for them and care for them. That is the best partner for influencing people.

Dear brothers and sisters, may you become an influential person.

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