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Dear Brethren

Recently a servant of God shared with me and said “God has given you 20% of Hong Kong People.” I am pleased and thank God for the servant sent by Him. Facing our vision of 2020, we pray that 20% of Hong Kong people turn to Jesus. We need God sent people’s encouragement, prayer and support. But I believe 2020 vision is the heart of God. It is his pleasing will. If we are in fear and do not step forward, then I am afraid we have missed God’s will. 2020 vision I believe is the hope of all the believers in Hong Kong:

1. It is our hope that our family members get saved

If God will bring 1,000,000 Hong Kong people into His kingdom, many believers will think about the salvation of their own family, not just outside people are saved. Isn’t it God’s will to let our whole family got saved? Will God let us enjoy the blessing of heaven but our family members will suffer in eternal fire? No. So when we seek His kingdom and his righteousness, He will care for our family member.

2. It is something that glorify God

Someone said other than land properties businessmen, churches own big properties. Churches really own many assets, but assets cannot glorify God because churches’ ability has not let many Hong Kong people saved and the doing of church glorify God. But if in the next three years many people accept Jesus, God will get all the glory.

3. It is time for the devil to be humiliated

When the church take back the souls from the enemy, that is a severe attack to the devil. Because the devil cannot defeat God’s kingdom, it has to bow down at the heart of God and the authority of God’s people. It has to release unsaved souls and its defeat was manifested.

Therefore, please pray for 2020 in unity so that the vision is fulfilled and God is glorified. Many family members and friends are saved and let the devil be humiliated. Amen!

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