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Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord, New Year Parade was finished smoothly. About 600 people participated. The weather that day was very nice, I finish the whole parade without sweating. Hallelujah!

On that day the number of people who went to the temple increased from last year’s 50,000 to 60,000. Therefore next year we have to increase the number of people who did prayer walk so that the power of darkness will leave Hong Kong. Amen!

Today February 25 is a big day for Sunrise. Five pastoral staff will be ordained as pastors. It includes Pastor Reynaldo Abejero, Pastor Philip Chu, Pastor Maggie Tsang, Pastor Manna Chow and Pastor Jade Chan. From now on we have many pastors to feed our sheep and promote disciple making movement.

Facing 2018 I feel that God will greatly extend our tent.

First of all, God sent Rev. Jimmy Tam to evangelize in Lebanon for one year. Many people over there will be baptized and there will be a Sunrise prayer house in Lebanon.

Next Sunrise Ministry will develop a disciple making resources center so that more people will get and use our material to make more disciples. DMM is raising up. It got the attention of some churches in Hong Kong and they will use DMM to bring more people to Christ and fulfil the 2020 vision.

In May 11-12, Guillermo Maldonado group will come to serve Hong Kong churches. At that time not only there will be miracles and healing, many God’s servant and people will revive in tear. It is what we have been praying for years, great revival have to come to Hong Kong. I hope that our brothers and sisters can be part of this revival and become the source of this revival, people have to get the stream of God’s grace through us. May God bless you and use you.

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