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Dear brothers and sisters,

Thank God that He answered prayer, recently He blessed Sunrise. Starting from January Sunrise ministry became independent for ministry of God’s kingdom. Some pastoral staff of other churches and brothers and sisters became directors and advisors. We started to prepare for 17th anniversary celebration in April (April 15) and ministry fund-raising dinner (April 20).

In the past two, three weeks, God has blessed Sunrise church in offering so that the lack can be relieved. Thank you for your love of God and the church. But we still need make effort to fill our lack in the past.

In next week, church will enter into Passover and Easter celebration. I hope brothers and sisters know that Jesus is the lamb of God, is the Messiah that saved mankind. And finally He is the God that resurrected and will come again. Let’s celebrate Passover again, and rekindle the flame of seeking Jesus to come again. Please do not miss it.

Last Friday and Saturday Rev. Shek participated in city transformation movement day and was one of the speakers to promote united prayer movement. I hope brothers and sisters in Sunrise tasted prayer and embrace our prayer tower. Go and pray there more and be trained as intercessor and pray for family and city.

In the evening of March 28 Rev. Shek, Turisa, Mandy and Alfred will fly to Paris in France to hold “turn your family around “conference. After that we will have a trip and rest. May God use Rev. Shek, Turisa and leaders.

Please remember that next month’s big day is anniversary celebration. It is the big event of Sunrise family. Please make your time to participate and invite lost sheep in the past to join, to celebrate God’s grace and praise God. Amen!

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