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Dear Brethren,

Greeting! May every father have a happy Father’s Day!

I came back to Hong Kong from India on this Friday morning. In India I experienced many miracles. I heard many testimonies of signs and wonders. Including two persons resurrected from dead. They were prayed over by their family members after they died and resurrected. In one case, after 5 minutes’ prayer, that person came back alive. There were also tumors got healed, lung disease got healed and crippled got healed and walked around. There were full of miracles. I was pleased and most thankful was that their church keep growing. Some of the regional leaders has led tens of thousands of people to Jesus.

In addition, they also started the work of God in Moslem area. They established many meeting point. Regional leaders are mighty warriors who can spread gospel, establish new meeting point, lead many staff and being mightily used by God. Although they are mighty warriors, the income of the highest level of leaders was only less than HK$2,000. Under this insufficient situation, they happily received us and shared their testimonies with us. They continued to serve God. Most importantly, under difficult and being prosecuted situation, they can still stand firm.

One of the leaders had such a testimony. He shared the gospel among Moslems. He was prosecuted and beaten but he did not fight back. He was beaten until his head was broken, but he still stood there and asked that attackers “do you want me to bend dow n so that you can hit me easily?” Later, the attackers was tired and asked among themselves, “why do we hit him? I don’t know.” I believe this pastor was facing severe authority of darkness. Devil hates him. But his testimony can let light shine into that district and transform the people there. Moslems received Christ.

Dear Hong Kong brothers and sisters, we do DMM, we hope we can also be an example of testimony. Let’s boldly enter the area of darkness to spread the gospel so that people turn to Jesus. Let’s start new meeting points one by one, let light shine in each family and each company. Groups can even meet at the park or MacDonald’s so that small groups are “everywhere”, we can glorify God in every area in Hong Kong. May God give strength to our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong so that we can become great warriors for Jesus. Everyone set up a small group meeting, glory to God!

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