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Dear Brethren,

After my trip to India, I felt that DMM is an important step of finishing Jesus’ great mission. The environment of India is no better than us, but they have to face prosecution of family and other religion and discouragement of government. Yet Christianity still multiplies. In addition, they do not rely on missionaries, supply of money nor great leaders to multiply to hundreds of thousands of people, but they obey God’s command:

1. God commanded people to bear fruit;

2. God commanded people to practice the Word,

not just listen;

3. God commanded people to share the gospel;

They have some beliefs:

1. Ordinary people can do it

2. Growth is each person’s own responsibility

3. Listen to the voice and guidance of the

Holy Spirit

4. Rely on prayers

5. Diligently study the Bible

6. Face difficulties and prosecution boldly

7. Help and encourage other believers

Therefore, we have to pray and renew ourselves, even revive ourselves. We have to go back to basic Christianity living—pray and read Bible. We also have to make prayer and growth our responsibility. Then we live a lifestyle that we love others as we love ourselves. We help people in one hand and find POP (Person of Peace) on the other so that the kingdom of God will multiply.

In addition, we have our own network, including family, colleague, friends. Finding POP, setting up family altar and bringing family members to Christ are our goals for this year. I hope all of you will be able to bear more fruits in your family. Amen!

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