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Dear Brethren,

God has recently raised a boom of evangelism on the street. We called it street evangelism. Our Pastor Tommy Wong has also entered this movement. They would set up a stand where there are many people, e.g. MTR station exit. They used amplifier speaker to share the gospel and distribute fliers. Every day at least two to three thousand people or up to ten thousand people passes by. Every day there can be several thousand people give their lives to Jesus. Hallelujah!

In retrospect, we are a disciple-making church, every week we should share the gospel with three people, but I observe that many brothers and sisters have not done this. Although in the past the number of people who baptise increased, but new groups grow slowly. I reflect, could it be spiritual life problem more than outside environmental problem?

A person with mission has the following characteristics:

1. Care for the things of God

2. Not just love God, but also love soul

3. Used to listen to the Holy Spirit, such as listen to

God’s instruction how to share the gospel and obey

4. Has a strong and bold heart

5. Practice sharing God’s stories and his own story

Of course, apart from the above, the basic things are to read Bible daily, pray, come close to God and share God to others. I have been to India and understand that they can do it in spite of difficulties. So you and I can certainly do it.

May God bless you and use you mightily!

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