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Dear Brethren,

Last week Sunrise cooperated with Creation TV, we have a 24-hours prayer chain started on 9 p.m. last Sunday. At that time we experienced Thailand football team youth being rescued. God is a miraculous God. He answered our prayer even before we really started.

The next day as I was in Creation TV praying, I saw all the team members were rescued. Really, all the people were rescued within 3 days. I experienced God answered prayer, He can answer before the matter is not happened yet. Things happened accordingly, so that the person who prayed knows God will finish. Knowing the promise will be fulfilled, the person put away worry, it is the best prayer experience. We will reduce our worry and burden. Hallelujah!

Last week we also experience God’s great promise. We have planned not to rent 14C as prayer rooms anymore. As we were disappointed, a Korean pastor promised to support monthly rent of HK$10700. Immediately we call whether there is any other supporter. As a result, within one week’s time, we received offering and confirmed pledge over HK$300,000. It is the rent for one year. Hallelujah! I hope our brothers and sisters will use these rooms more, so that Hong Kong will become a more beautiful city spiritually.

On Wednesday I had attended two meetings. Now together with Hong Kong Gospel Festival and Rev. Barnabas Liu, we will push more street evangelism. We also hope our youth, families and children will worship, spread the gospel on the street so that more Hong Kong people can hear the gospel. 2020 vision will then be fulfilled, amen!

Another new development is that together with jubilee HK and other prayer altars, we will establish a Hong Kong prayer altar in Jordan to pray for Hong Kong and nations. Until Hong Kong experience great revival and great harvest, I sincerely invite you to open your heart to prepare for new 24/7 prayer tower.

Lastly my DMM pastoral disciple group has added 6 persons (originally it was 3 persons including me). They responded very positively to this movement. They are also very humble and willing to learn. Hallelujah! Please keep up your effort, recruit your disciple so that God’s work will be extended and more people believe in Jesus and be disciples. Amen!

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