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Signs of a true church (1)

Today I want to share with you the 12 signs of a true church. A sign means when you see these characteristics, it is the mark of a true church. People will say they go to church or they have changed to ABC church. Its seems take it for granted, but only true church that belongs to Jesus can bring people to God’s kingdom and keep us from falling.

1. Baptism

Baptism is not just a ceremony.People have to repent and accept Jesus’s salvation, from their heart; people have to leave sin and turn to good and invite Jesus into their heart and experience born again.Then it is an effective baptism (Refer to Acts 2:38).


Communion states that people have received and become part of body of Jesus Christ.It is an act of unity together with other saints as one family.So it is a continuous symbolic act to express that the life of Jesus becomes our life.


The Bible is the only God’s revelation, no more and no less of God’s truth.A true church believes, accepts and acts accordingly.If you only believe in part of it or execute part of it, it is easy to become a cult.In the present situation, believers do not read Bible, do not believe the whole Bible and do not follow God’s word.This put them in a very dangerous position.

4.Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit is the representative of Trinity on the earth.His engagement in our belief is certain (Acts 2:38), He manifests Himself in the church to testify that this church belongs to God.If without His work in the church, church will become men’s organisation and has nothing to do with God.

5.The Great Commission

The Great Commission was what the Lord left to the disciples before He was raised to the heaven. It has His promise—to be with us always.A community which does not spread the gospel and make disciples is only a community organisation, it cannot establish the kingdom of God.


When the Church become middle-class, is not willing to give out, serve and sacrifice, it lost the spirit of Jesus, because He was for the offering for our sin.Because of his sacrifice, we are redeemed.We have to learn his spirit—offer himself to become a sacrifice.(Romans 12:1)

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