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Dear Brethren,

At the last few verses of Luke Chapter 4 we can read the story of Jesus went to a solitary place, may be to pray because that is what He always do before doing His ministry. The people were looking for Him but could not find Him. Finally, they found Him in a solitary place. Knowing the plan of Jesus of leaving them, the people persuaded Him to stay (V42). But said to them "I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to other town also because that is why I was sent" (V43). Praise the Lord! Sunrise is doing exactly what Jesus did here.

We have sent our mission team to Gapan to minister to the people there- with the new couple Sin Hang and Shun Tsz decided to go for mission rather than spending honeymoon. May the Lord bless them as they choose to share more of their life to people and glorify Jesus in their lives. The new mission team members Joyce and Carrie - both shared an amazing experience of joy in sharing the Gospel to people and praying for them as well.

Gapan's active members are 80 percent young people. 30 of our leaders attended the DMM Training done by Pastor Benjamin that give our disciples new insights and encouragement from his testimonies about DMM.

Yesterday's event ended with the mission team sharing what they have learned from Singapore Heart of God church. About giving their best to God. Gapan's young people were so blessed with the life our mission specially the teaching and testimony of Sin Hang and Shun Tsz. And Boaz ended the session of the young gathering with a powerful challenge to commit to give the best now while they were in their golden years.

Saturday. we baptize 30 new believers, praise the Lord. As Sunrise Pastor I am very excited that God has used as to minister to the Philippines. And we know more nations will be coming soon!

From Hong Kong we congratulate Sunrise Gapan City 3rd Year anniversary. We pray for more breakthroughs to come to both Sunrise Gapan City and Hong Kong.

Praise the Lord!

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