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Dear Brethren,

The opening ceremony of Multiplication Resource Center was held on August 12. We have invited Pastor Benjamin Francis for sharing. In the morning he shared that in church there are four kinds of chairs which sat by four types of people. In the opening ceremony in the afternoon he shared four types of energy of believers, it was very exciting:

People who sit at four types of chairs are as follows:

1. They are lost and want to pursue

2. They are believers, they have confessed that sin, have received the grace of God and their lives were transformed.

3. They are disciples. They have changed their habit. They did not pursue worldly things and pleasure but to follow Jesus. They put down their personal dream and allow God’s dream to grow.

4. They are disciple makers.

Dear brothers and sisters, I hope you will be Jesus’ disciples and know how to train disciples in order for us to multiply. We have to adjust our energy. In the afternoon he shared the following insights:

1. “Negative- positive” energy, they think that they cannot do it, only the others can do it. As a result, they do not do, expect others do all the things.

2. “Negative – negative” energy, they think that they cannot do it, others also cannot do it, As a result, they all do not do it.

3. “Positive – negative” energy, they think that they can do it, others cannot do it. Consequently, they do all by themselves and do not let others do.

4. “Positive – positive” energy, they think they can do it, others can also do it. So they do it together.

I hope that each of you is a “positive – positive” believer. You look at yourself positively and also look at others positively and can become a disciple who multiplies. This is the starting point of multiplication. I believe we are happy to those disciples who follow Jesus continue to grow. Come on! Encourage believers around you to be disciples. Take the initiative to find a mentor who can train you.

In Matthew 14:16-20 it recorded 5 loaves and 2 fishes fed 5,000 people. It is not something special, but someone took the initiative to do what he can do. Ie. To offer his food. Only God knows most clearly how to activate multiplication. Jesus teaches disciples not to focus on the “negative” and not to look at other people’s negative (what they cannot do). Lastly, disciples watched with their eyes how Jesus used small things to solve the problem. And they participated by distributing loaves and fish, and saw the multiplication.

We can take initiative to share our testimony, give people a smile and say something to bless people is what we can serve. They can allow God to activate miraculous things and bring change. Now, take a look at what we can contribute. Multiplication need your effort and my effort together!

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