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Dear Brethren,

I am really amazed of God’s work in Hong Kong this year!

May 11 to May 12 was Madonado conference. About 8000 people attended the conference in Hong Kong Exhibition Center in Wanchai, many people experienced God’s power and healing.

June 29 to July 1. In 3-days’ conference in Asia Expo many youth committed their lives to the Lord and set themselves apart to live a holy life.

July 18 to July 20, God’s heart church gave Hong Kong churches many encouragement and reminders. i.e. generations. Many participants responded to the call of God and gave their best to God. Our youth also ran to me and Turisa and told us they were willing to commit to God. That night God inspired me and Turisa to decide to write off the $1million the church owed us. This touched brothers and sisters to make offering in July 22 DMM celebration. They are willing to make a pledge of over 1billion (not immediate offering). I thank God for this.

August 12 Multiplication Resource Center opened. Many pastors and body of Christ who are passionate about street evangelism came to share their joy and excitement. They saw God’s work in our midst. Now Popolo will go out to do street evangelism once every two weeks. Some people came to our church because of this. Recently, Pastor Tommy Wong (our intercessory missionary) also bought equipment out of his own pocket to do street evangelism everyday. He also encouraged our staff and body of Christ do evangelism once a week. We can see that revival is in our midst. Amen! Pastor Rey went to the airport every week to preach the gospel to newly arrived housemaids. Now several sisters have joined Sunrise. Hallelujah! Apart from this, hospital evangelism and nursing home visits occurred in our midst. Brothers and sisters, God has revived us.

Today I talked with Gospel Festival Limited and Rev. Liu about on Oct. 1 arranging a bus to tour around HK, Kowloon and New Territories to have one day evangelism experience. And then go to pray at Noah’s Ark. To spread the gospel from 10 am to 8 pm. It is estimated that the gospel bus team will go through HK, Kowloon and New Territories. They pray and evangelize on the other hand, be a multiplying warrior, glory to God!

The days that the Lord comes back is near, may you do more God’s work and satisfy God’s heart. Amen!

Tonight (9/9) starting from late afternoon is the new year of Jews—Feast of Trumpets. May all of you enter into 5779 experience God’s new season. It is the season of revival! God bless you!

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