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Dear Brethren,

Recently I looked at God’s work in Hong Kong, it seemed there is trace of revival—some people were eager to spread the gospel, some people were eager to read Bible, some prayed with passion.

The most important thing of revival is to restore God’s relationship with men, especially about God’s great commandment and commission. It means men have to love God and men with all their heart, all their mind and all their soul. We have to make disciples (accordingly to Jesus’ commandment) without hesitation.

Recently, an 80 years old man did street evangelism every day, many people followed him. Although his method was old fashioned, but their passion was fully expressed. A pastor worked half day in an organisation, for three and a half day he evangelized on the street. After work he will use his own purchased microphone to do street evangelism. Sometimes he did not get any rest in a day at all.

Our Pastor Tommy has also purchased equipment and did street evangelism every day. He also did in the evening and his passion has affected to our intern staff and brothers and sisters.

Popolo zone has decided to evangelize on the street twice a month during their service. In addition, Pastor Rey will meet newly arrived housemaids at the airport once a week and evangelize to them. Some fruits have come to our church. Certainly, there are also you and I who share our testimonies to friends, colleagues, relatives. Therefore, revival is happening and is spreading out. I hope brothers and sisters in Sunrise will evangelize and become evangelistic teacher and supervise brothers and sisters to spread gospel effectively and bear fruits. Glory to our Lord Jesus. Amen!

This week is Day of Atone (Yom Kippur )(18/9). We have arranged several Yom Kippur meetings. I hope you will come back on that day, and being a blameless righteous man before God and man. To confess our sin for ourselves, family members, city and nation, loosen all the bondages of the authority of darkness so that more people will believe in Jesus. Amen!

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