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Experiencing God on October 1

October 1 Hong Kong Day of Prayer was something that pleased God. God saw many of his people gather together to pray, worship and intercede. It was so wonderful, and the response of God is very quickly.

Two weeks ago when typhoon Mangkhut attacked Hong Kong, I wrote a message to call people to pray and participate in October 1 Day of Prayer. Consequently, a pastor said I took advantage of it, gloat and say something to create rumour. Certainly this pastor did not encourage people to come to Day of Prayer, he himself also will not participate. But God is justice. On October 1, a group in the New Territories criticized Hong Kong Day of Prayer saying why they were not invited. They represented 800,000 New Territories people. This complaint came to us, then we arranged them to come to Noah’s Ark. This group’s advisory pastor was the one who said that I took advantage. He was forced to arrange their people to come to Day of Prayer. God has wisdom, He did what men cannot do and sometimes not willing to do. Hallelujah!

In addition, that day I shared to encourage people to make offering. Somebody criticized me using “reward” to make people offer more. I did not mean that, I believe God will really reward my offering, just as Paul said, “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously”. (2 Cor. 9:6) As a result, somebody not only donated a big sum of money to Day of Prayer, he also made an offering to me. Isn’t God “reward” me? Hallelujah it is also the same day. When I saw God’s response, I was very thankful. The God that we serve is a living God, He takes care of people and listen to our prayer.

There was the third miracle, on October 1, when I got up, I heard it was raining heavily outside. Immediately I prayed for no rain, otherwise the whole day outdoor meeting will be affected. Consequently, as I arrived the venue, the sun came out and the venue was bright and hot. I thought, two-third of the venue was under the sun, it will be difficult for the guests to bear the heat. I hope God will send clouds to cover the venue for the whole day. A little bit later, it was cloudy, no sunshine but did not rain. Hallelujah! God is a God that listens to prayer. I experienced God on Day of Prayer.

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