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Dear Brethren,

In the past two weeks I was on annual leave and went for two trips. Apart from going to Los Angeles to visit my daughters for ten days, I also went to Shandong revival meeting. I want to share with you what I saw.

On October 30 I set off to Los Angeles and San Diego to visit my elder daughter and younger daughter. During that time I also have opportunity to meet with Pastor Sean and Dr. Yvette. At one morning prayer meeting I listened to Pastor Sean’s DMM sharing. Then I asked him for his DMM training manual. He agreed without hesitation. Thank God. Then I have breakfast with him and fellowship with him for two hours. We shared in the spirit. He was also willing to accept my sharing about Song of Songs. Hallelujah!

After that I went to San Diego and stayed at Dr. Yvette’s home. Every time she welcome me and share with people that I have opened door of Asia for her and her ministry. She always thanked me and welcomed me. Whenever I went to Los Angeles she received me. Thank God!

In the second week, apart from praying at the mountain and visited Korean’s prayer mountain, I began three days’ sharing of Song of Songs. I felt that was God’s leading. Before Jesus comes back, He expects church prepare to receive Him like a bride. There has to be hunger, waiting, enter into deeper and praise, overcome all difficulties and even has passion.

After I came back from the States, I attend a Shandong Revival trip organised by Tuen Mun Baptist church. We went to a high school at Shandong Yantai Fenglai. In 1930s there were 1000 students, in a crusade 900 of them accepted Christ, many people confessed their sins, repent and there were miracles. When I arrived at this original site, I felt the move of Holy Spirit, I was also immediately filled with the Holy Spirit.

On the last day, we visited Qingdao beer company. There was a saying which is very inspiring—Passion dreams & success. Suddenly I was sure, In the end time God has to pour out anointing to all the church and believers. With a general kind of love we cannot satisfy God’s heart. God uses a bride hunger for bridegroom’s love—love of passion to prepare for Jesus’ return. Oh! That is what God describes in Song of Songs, “Take me away with you—let us hurry!” (Song 1:4)

Therefore, brothers and sisters, you have to raise up, love the Lord with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul, love Him passionately and follow Him so that when he comes back we will not be thrown in the dark and weeping and crying.

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