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Welcome to HUB 8, Sunrise new spiritual home!

There are so many things that keep me excited about our new place and let me share it with you.

First, I am excited because I know that this place is really God’s prepared place for us, thinking of how God amazingly led us here. How he gave us so many confirmations without any advance info from the landlord telling us that they will sell 4AB flats and don’t want us to renew the contract. But before that happens Hub 8 management already offer this place for us.

Second, this place was owned by Lukfook Jewelry which manufactures precious jewelries – and the New name of this building is now Hub 8, signifying the eight blessings declares by Jesus during His preaching in Matthew 5. I firmly believe that God will change our finances this season.

Third, we will be celebrating our Anniversary this coming June 2. God has given us this theme. “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. (Isaiah 60:1). I am jubilant because of what God is preparing for us to achieve both our church and ministry.

I would like also to affirm all our co- workers who helped in preparing our place. I am so overwhelmed seeing all our staff, volunteer workers, co-workers, worked together to get it done, from cleaning and installing things. May God bless you all. But, I would like to make this special appreciation to our special volunteer Alex, who did and amazing job helping Peyond in everything. He took a leave from his job to help us. Thank You Alex remember the Lord certainly honor your service to him.

We have moved to Hub 8, but please remember we have still many payables. Our fund raising will continuing as we haven’t got our budget. We we’re still have payables we need to settle. So if you haven’t done your part to do sacrificial giving. Please do it now. Gob bless you as you obey God in your life. God blessings be to everyone.


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