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18th Anniversary Celebration

Sunrise 18th years old birthday, congratulations!

When we looked back for the past 18 years, time flied. We started from zero, the number of people increased day by day. The highest attendance was about 350 people. Now on the average we have 250 attendants. We have Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipinos and Indonesians. God let us became an international church. It is the miraculous work of God.

Secondly, in the past 18 years God used us to accomplish things cannot be done by a normal church. We have held 21 days healing evangelistic meetings, 21 nights End Time conference, and recently the 21 night vision conference at the Prayer Hub. These are the proof of our use by God. In the past, we also held prayer summit for 10 years, City healing conference and Prayer Day at Noah’s Ark. God has given us such opportunities to become a kingdom church to bless and contribute to God’s kingdom.

Third, God has raised many servants and ladies. IGod has led us to DMM (disciple making movement) so that everyone becomes disciple, everyone spread the gospel and bring people to Christ. They can also baptize and give holy communion. Many people spread the gospel and become group leaders. Many lay pastors, intern pastors and pastors are produced. God has made us a church where all evangelize so that God’s kingdom can keep growing.

In the area of mission and church planting, we set up Sunrise Ministry, Sunrise House of Prayer and raise healing ministry, prophetic ministry, School of Worship, Prayer School, etc. We also developed Macao Sunrise, Shenzhen Sunrise. We also develop prayer tower in Shandong and Beijing. In the future we will build an apostolic center in Gapan, Philippines. God let us expand and the goal is to finish God’s great commission. The latest development is that another Sunrise in Philippines. We have now in San Pedro City, Laguna. Stated by Sis Dj in 2 months and baptized 20 persons already. Hallelujah!

After 18 years old, I believe God will use us mightily. He will multiply our church and make our church a model to other church, to be a healthy and strong church. Together with different generations, church is more and more prosperous.

In terms of gifts, I hope everyone in the church experience God more and more and always be filled by the Holy Spirit and spread the gospel. Through prayers sicknesses are healed, devil is casted out. Churches and people are revived; every day there is new sunrise so that people live with hope and glory because our God is a God of glory. Amen!

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