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Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

With this thing going in around Hong Kong - We know that the right thing to do was to pray. We cannot engage ourselves in argument because we know that argument will lead us to more conflict. We at the church respect different views or opinions because everyone has the right to say it. But one thing we really disagree is when our expressions turn into violence. Because as a church we promote peace, love and harmony. Since the beginning of this conflict our church and ministry has been involving in organizing prayer gathering for our city and the mainland. This the best thing we can do as a church - for our role was to stand in the gap, to be an intercessor for our City. I call everyone in Sunrise to take time to pray for our City – our government, our people, our economy, our peace, and most of all salvation of everyone in Hong Kong, and may our Lord Jesus do wonder and blessed our city and the mainland.

What else we can do at this moment. Many are hurt emotionally because of different opinion among families, friends and society - hope that as church, we can give them encouragement, joy and prayer.

Other thing we must do, was to share the Gospel of Jesus that gives peace, encouragement, and life eternal to those who received it. This is our major calling and I will be reminding you always. We should not be comfortable if we cannot share the Gospel. God major command is love others. (Matthew 22:39). Your love to others will only be manifested by your way of caring others feeling, emotion, physical and spiritual. Let us continue to respect life and never stop loving even though it’s difficult. That sometimes our love and care is not reciprocated. It is when we struggle to do the right thing but do it that God glory is manifested in our life as disciple. Once again I ‘ll say this regardless of our opinion or views God of Christianity but if you believed in Christ then you are called to make disciple and love one another. This proved that we are really a disciple of Christ (John 13:35)

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