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What about us here in Hong Kong?

Two weeks from now we will be having our Church strategic Camp meeting. We invite all our Core leadership team, Disciple Group leaders, Zone leaders- or anyone that has the heart and burden for the Church, to come together to share their plan and strategy for our church growth and development.

Aug 1 to 7 our Mission team will be in the Philippines to minister, conduct training, do local family visitation, and also visit a newly stablished house Church in San Pedro Laguna. The mission team will learn from them as well, how they do successful DMM.

The new house Church in San Pedro has already baptized 20 people. And Sunrise Gapan will be blessed to own a lot (a small portion of land) of 3229.17 square feet, to build the Apostolic Center very soon. Sunrise is really expanding and growing. And we expect for more. This coming week, 3 of our faithful youth leaders from Sunrise Gapan, Paula, Grace and Denice will be coming to join the Heart of God conference. To some of us who attended this conference we know that this event really challenges our Young people to do something, and take an active part in Church. We believe that when Paula, Grace and Denice, back to Philippines they will lead our young people in Gapan into multiplication.

What about us here in Hong Kong? How can we take part in growing our Church and expanding the Kingdom of God? two things you can participate;

1. Come and join our strategic camp – starting July 27-28 and 29. We need your inputs, your sharing, and your experience, and your participation.

2. Join our 3-1 Evangelism program. What is this? we encourage everyone who love the Lord to engage in evangelism in very minimal way. Thus in 3 days' time, you need to evangelize to at least one person. We have 365 days in a year if you intentionally share Jesus in 3 days then in one year you were able to share Jesus to 121 people. Think about this because you pray for them, you follow them up 5 or 10 people sure can be added in the God’s kingdom through you. Yes, through you!

3. Disciple, disciple and disciple more! Yes, God has called us to go and make disciple.(Matthew 28:19) We need to pass on to others what we have heard from our Pastor or leaders (2Timothy 2:2). Disciple making is not an option. It a command that every believer should follow.

I fully believed we have a favor from the Lord to grow and church be blessed – Why I have this confidence because we are doing what the Lord has called us to do. We are not a perfect Church but are a good , loving, caring and missionary church. God bless us all!

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