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Why We Give

Today We welcome our 3 youth leaders from Gapan, Paula, Devina, and Denice. They are here to join the Heart of God Conference coming, July 24 -26. We are committed to help our Young People grow in their faith and lead others too. Sunrise Gapan are 75 percent are young people and is growing. Hopefully when they come back to Gapan, they will bring more anointing, knowledge and training to them and they must grew more Gapan young people.

Aug 1 – 7, our Brother and Sister from Cantonese, English and Indonesian group will have a 7 days mission Trip in Gapan and visiting our New Home Church in San Pedro, Laguna. We thank God for Sis Dj who started this group. By the grace of God this group is growing strong. The mission team will visit them and train their disciples.

Brethren this is our calling, to be missional. As Jesus himself is very missional (Luke 4:43). Let us go Preach the gospel, heal the sick, cast out the devil and even raise up the dead (Mark 6:8-11). Jesus has given us this very important responsibilities given to every disciple. And everyone who believe in Jesus must do this responsibility.

Includes in our duty as believers is to be faithful to give what is belong to God. Our time, our talent, our life, our commitment to serve and faithfulness to offer our First Fruit.

Why we give, because it’s the way of saying Thank you God for my life, family, work, friends, business and etc (Psalms 24:1)

Why we give, because it’s the way to Honor our King, our God, our creator. He deserves to be given that honor because of his amazing love, and sacrifice (Romans 5:8)

Why we give, because its our way of saying I trust you Lord with all my finances as I know that everything I have come from you.

Now think about this, is it not great when we obey the Lord? It is great indeed!

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