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Build a Strong Church for Jesus

This week Hong Kong has been blessed by two powerful and very significant conferences. The Homecoming done in Asia Expo and the Strong Church conference by Heart of God Singapore in Wanchai. Both attracted large numbers of people and were very successful. Strong Church Conference attracted 90% young people who has passion for the Lord. This very good for Hong Kong specially this time. Many of Hong Kong young people now very open about their opinion and express them in so many ways. Learning from these two conferences specially the HOGC Strong Church conference are very helpful, as they give more encouragement, hope, foster unity and love for one another. Pastor How the founding Pastor of Heart of God Singapore - final words at the Strong Church conference- was an encouragement for all Hong Kong Churches to unite, to love and to care another.

This moment that Hong Kong is facing challenges all Christians in Hong Kong should really be united to pray and build a strong Church that will glorify the Lord! Praise the Lord for Heart of God Church Singapore for having that heart of obedience and sacrifices by bringing over 200 workers and leaders to bless Hong Kong during this time of challenges.

Here at Sunrise we are committed to build a strong church for Jesus, that should be of who we are. A strong church that influence the City and we are not that far to be strong Church if all of us agreed to be and do.

Those who join the HOG conference were stun how the Lord bless Heart of God Church. How Pastor Lia and Pastor How used by the Lord to raise up young people and built a strong church for them. It was amazing! Can this be done in Hong Kong? I believe it can. But how about you, do you believe?

I would like to invite everyone in Sunrise - to join our Strategic Camp starting today July 27-29, (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). We will share to you what we have learned from the HOGC Strong Church Conference. What principle we can take, explore, discuss how can we become a strong church too. We scheduled it at weekend so that everyone can take part. From our Indonesian, English, Cantonese and Mandarin Zone. Come and share your thoughts, ideas, and strategy and even comment. We value your opinion and suggestions. How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Ps 133:1 May God bless us all.

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