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Losing vision is catastrophic, and no one wanted to lose it, or will be deprived of seeing the beauty of God’s creation. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of life. As we knew many visually impaired people were also successful, like Stevie Wonder, has been blind since shortly after his birth. Andrea Bocelli- famous Italian singer and many more.

My point losing a vision is nightmare. And the bible even reminded “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law”. (Proverbs 29:18).

When you cannot see the future, your life will have no meaning. This year of 2020 is very significant to every believer. This the time to see clearly, this the time to know your purpose, this the time to follow a clear direction or guidance. Desiring to follow that guidance can only be done. having the measure of perfect vision found only in Jesus! (Hebrew 12:2)

Let 2020 remind ourselves of our Vision. As a church God has called us into Disciple Making, and into Prayer. These are the two major thing God has called s to do.

This Vision is coming very soon. Blessed are those who take part on the fulfillment of this mission, am sure you will be blessed.

HOW can you take part …

1. Evangelism — We have promoted a 3-1 evangelism. Where we call all Sunrise to share the Gospel in minimum of 1 person with in three days. Actually, that should be everyday supposed to be. But HK people are always busy, so we have this program.

2. Start Disciple Group – wherever you are. Or bring your disciple to the Church and do you D Group after worship.

3. Take part in our 24/7 Prayer – If have not join any of our session. 2020 is the time to do something New!

4. Join a Mission Trips – to expand God’s Kingdom. From time to time we organized Short Mission Trips, to Philippines, China, Macao, Lebanon, Turkey and etc. Join us see the world and you will know how blessed you are.

5. Give – Be faithful to support our Vision and mission of Disciple Making and Prayer Movement. Every dollar you give, you invest it in God’s Kingdom. It will gain hundred times and will never experiences loses, because your investment comes with eternal security.

If you want to change your result in 2019- then do something new today. So what are you waiting for? Start it now. And be assure of Happy and Prosperous New Decade.

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