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Sin Virus

We are all aware of this this thing going around the world. The virus, earthquakes, famine, many other things that really affects the world. Our Bible will tell us that this thing will happens not because God wants it. But these are all the attack of Satan and the consequences of the many wrong choices and sins people committed towards God. Many people are perishing without Jesus every day. Like this pandemic the world is facing, the Corona virus which now killed 4,600 globally and infected 125,000 people around the world.

Our immediate response to stop the virus from spreading? We should observe proper hygiene, like the washing of hands frequently, coughing or sneezing on tissue, avoid shaking hands, wearing mask, do self-quarantine if you are unwell. Those are important measures everyone needs to observe.

My beloved brethren, there is scarier virus creeping in, every day in the life of everyone, I call it the ‘sin virus’. You will catch this virus if you do not have faith in Jesus, disobey his commands to love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-9). The worst part of this - those people killed with ‘sin virus’ will spend in hell forever and suffer from the rest of their life (Revelation 21:8). Corona virus only kill the body, but ‘sin virus’ can kill the soul. Until now corona virus has no vaccine available for use to stop it from spreading. But the ‘sin virus’ already has very powerful solution to stop it from spreading. The good news, it is very much available for free- its Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23). You just share Jesus Christ to all you friends. When they received Jesus Christ in their life, then they will be set free from ‘sin virus’ because Jesus will take it away from them (John 3:16). HALLELUJAH!

Another good news – You have been equipped by the Lord to help those people infected by the ‘sin virus’ to be set free. The fact so many people out there living with ‘sin virus’. Would you help them get well please? Let us go out and preached Jesus to them, this only way for them to be free from ‘sin virus’ .

Here are few steps you can take, when you go out and find a person of peace to share the Gospel.

1. Pray - ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the right person, empower you, and give wisdom.

2. Go - find the Person of Peace. First you introduce yourself by telling your name, then ask their name too. Be polite all the time, do a casual talk or conversation. Always show your interest when he/she talks.

3. Share your Story - in three minutes share your conversion story to her/him. One minute sharing of your life before you know Christ, one minute, How did you know Christ, one minutes life after knowing Christ.

4. Share Jesus story - After sharing your conversion story. Encourage them to share their story with you. If she / he share his story, that means you gained her/his trust. Pay attention for what they are sharing. Then if still have time try to share Jesus story with them.

5. Pray a blessing for them - If they don’t have time, you can pray for them before you separate. If he/she will not share, its okay, but you can offer to pray for her/him. Then thank him for a nice conversation. But do not leave without giving a track or a flyer.

This is just of many things you can do share the gospel to others .God bless you all. “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” (Isaiah 52:7)

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