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20th Anniversary Afterthought

  The 20th Anniversary celebration was successfully held on June 14, 2021. Thanks to the Lord for letting us to participate in a very special celebration. We and all the guests have seen the glory of God kingdom, and the effort of brothers and sisters are obvious to all of us. All districts participated in it, some were on front stage, and some behind the scenes. It is worth mentioning that behind the scenes was the small piece of snowflakes in your hand wrapped in a silver gauze bag with a 20 anniversary sticker, one for each person, precious and generous. What impression does it leave in your mind? Sweet warm heart? Or is it too small to be intentional? The maker has worked hard from making to packaging, and very particular about it. In the process, she has experienced many affirmations and signs of grace given by God in the details, and everything is really just right.

  Due to the time limit of the day, although it was not able to record the rich stories of all the past 20 years, but we were able to get together to witness the profound grace of the Lord. Witnessing Sunrise entering into the apostolic blessing, it is really precious. After the celebration, God said to a sister: “God choose Sunrise to nurture, train and bless His people, it is not something that people can question or criticize because Sunrise is God's work.” With all kind of grace in my heart, God greatly affirmed and encouraged us.

  The message of the guest speaker on the anniversary day was very encouraging, to help the young generation to rise up, prayers are indispensable! Pray for the Holy Spirit to move greatly, pour out to young people, know how to confess their sins for their rebellion and disobedience, so that God can use them to transform this generation. We have to prepare and shepherd the next generation to become warriors, can distinguish the enemy's tactics, perceive the help of angels from the heavenly armies, see the already ripen field, and to determine the new generation with united hearts. May the promise of Malachi 4:5-6 comes to this generation!

Rise Up! When all of us pray everyday, can lay hands on the anniversary journal, and pray for the next ten years, also pray that we can become a bridge between the two generations, reserve spiritual resources for the next generation to build, and become the spiritual parents of the next generation. The new generation will be double anointed on the cornerstone of Sunrise, fulfill the dream of the previous generation from God and do the work for the next ten years.



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