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Hong Kong's Position in God's Revival in Asia

Apostle Grace's three-night revival message was very powerful and shaking. The congregation responded to the altar call, to give their hearts to God, I felt sorrowful because I had quite a lot of reservations about God and I confessed my sins, sincerely willing to pour myself out to God. Almost the entire congregation went to the front of the stage and knelt down before God, giving their hearts to God, seeking to become God-fearing people, seeking to secure intimate fellowship between God and themselves.

'My son, give me your heart and let your eyes delight in my ways,' (NIV, Proverbs 23:26)

'The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. (NIV Psalm 25:14)

How greatly are all the saints long to bear witness of revival in Hong Kong, with earnest expectation, we all want to be partakers of God’s revival here. What a blessing it would be for a city to be revived! One of the unique places in Asia where God has placed Hong Kong is at the gateway, where prayer and watchfulness for the great revival of Asia is practiced!

When the speaker reminded the audience that God's revival is so close to Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is so far away from the revival and restoration, I believe the congregation was acquainted with grief when they hear it! But thank God! God sent His servant Ap.Grace to Hong Kong for the Asian Revival. Ap Grace certainly has further waxed our desire for revival in Hong Kong. God wants to raise up pray-watch warriors in Hong Kong to enter into the call and furtherance of the Revival, to equip themselves with prophetic revelation, to receive a deeper understanding and knowlege of the wonders of God's pattern of the Revival, and to be capable of following God’s guidance closely. God Himself reveals His covenant to those who fear Him, so that they may receive the revelation of the covenant with them and it is needful for them to see the spiritual path that God leads them Amen.



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