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How Sinful and Wretched My Life Is?

   Recently, I have shared with our brethren the number of years I have been a believer in Christ.

But self-introduction is not my chief purpose. I would like to encourage our brethren to persist, persevere and be steadfast to deal with weaknesses in their lives. Never give up. Take heed that don’t be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Let nothing hinder you from confessing you sins. Put trust in God, He will help you improve and He will promote you in His time.

   I grew up in a Christian school and believed in Christ at a young age. At the age of 19, I began to go to church. There I received pastoral care, studied the Bible and the truth. Although it has been 21 years since then, it was not until 3 years ago that my eyes of understanding about confession of sins have been enlightened. I indeed experienced the blessing, renewal, and life enhancement that it brings.

   I began to see clearly the real truth of my life in these 21 years. ------ pride, arrogance, disdaining others, low self-esteem, pride, arrogance, anger, cursing, grumbling, lust, God , deception, lack of love, slothfulness/ idleness, envy, hypocrisy, fear, worry / anxiety, and countless other sins. I still commit most of these sins now.

   But I cease not to give thanks to God that He did not reveal to me my "failings" to put me to shame or judge me, or to accuse myself. But He wants me to confess my sins and repent. Confession and repentance in the Bible means repentance from the heart, it is not about just offering lips service by reading the Confession Prayer. Besides, we don’t just confessing our sins once. For We don’t draw nigh unto the Lord with our mouth, and honour Him with lips. But from our heart comes the issues of life.

   I started learning and practicing confession with a pastor 3 years ago, but lately I feel like I'm only just "chanting" and my repentance has not reached its full from my heart. However, the pastor encouraged me and God's messages delight my souls. The pastor said, "This is normal. It's normal to start practicing confession of sins with 'lip service' for the first few years, but gradually you will





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