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I have called you as friends

  Youth ministry for secondary school students has developed quickly since early this year. Our team feels that God is keep opening doors for the ministry, and here are the miracles happened:

1. Team Strengthening: In 2021 Strategic Camp, Youth leader Iris and Annie shared the struggles in Youth Ministry. As they prayed earnestly, the Lord called His people and in 2022 a strong and passionate serving team is formed: Iris, Annie, Ps Deborah, Lynette, Wilson, Stanley and William. A combination of both fulltime and voluntary staff.

2. Success of “No7 Adullam” free share space: Using the unoccupied church space in weekdays, Sunrise has become a beloved place of many students in the Jordan district. Unlike the other study rooms, we provide “relax area” for them to Playing card games and chatting. Our fulltime young pastors have made friends with them by playing together. For some students we start to form long-term relationships with them.

3. 30-student summer camp: Our dream is coming true in this August! It is the Lord’s work to bring manpower and to called many young people to Sunrise. Number of participants is three times the number of youth in 2021.

  As our team prayed for the theme of summer camp, we all felt that the Lord is emphasizing that He is the one who call these young people as His friends, encouraging one and other to form a loving community. “… but I have called you friends…You did not choose Me, but I chose you…“ John 15:15-16

  Let us pray that the Sunrise youth ministry will continue to develop as a spiritual home of many young people.

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