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"Independent Thinking" and "Trust in Authority"

  One of the things I benefited the most from my university education was the analytical "independent thinking".

  After working for a few years, I entered the school again, but this time I entered a ministry training school. One of my most agreed with and valued spiritual learning is "trust in authority."

  Kris Vallotton, pastor of Bethel Church in the United States, recorded in his book in his early years, God gave him an important command, telling him to do everything he could to help his coach, the senior pastor Bill Johnson. It was God's calling to Kris. At that time, Kris was already a budding superstar in the pastoral field. His personal ministry was flourishing, and he often preached in various institutions in other states. When God commanded him this way, he admitted that he had a great struggle. But since he was a prophetic minister who understood spiritual operations, he certainly understood deeply the shepherd authority established by God on him. Also, no matter how famous he was, he still needed a cover and protection from his coach. In the end, he was willing to obey God's command, and he made an important promise to Bill, and he would wholeheartedly assist and submit under Bill, building God's ministry. Over the years, Bethel Church has grown into a mature and influential group in the international arena because of Kris' faithful and hard work with Bill.

  Brothers and sisters, what is the shepherd authority established by God on you? Whether we are team members, team leaders, or pastors, God has established authority over us in the system of God’s family. Although we can think independently - we can of course talk to the pastor privately if we have opinions, we still choose to trust the pastor and respect the pastor’s final decision.

  1 Corinthians 4:20: "For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power." When everyone is willing to let go of 1,000 different ideas, let go of the worldly model, embrace the spiritual model, and choose to trust the shepherd, aligning the pastor's 0001 ideas, the church can have a solid spiritual foundation, can continue to develop, and fulfill the mission of the church.

  Are you willing to do everything in your power to assist your group leaders and pastors, trusting them wholeheartedly?



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