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Keep yourself in the Lord

  "Above all else, guard your heart,for everything you do flows from it." (Proverbs 4:23)

  "To guard" in this verse means "to guard". For example, the shepherd keeps the flock; the cultivator keeps the field; the vine grower hires someone to keep the vineyard; the owner of the orchard keeps figs and other fruits. In addition, the word "conservation" has various meanings such as protecting, preserving, guiding, supplying, caring, guarding, preventing harm and preventing crimes or mistakes. In the end what comes out is the meaning of making the believer safe.

  Antuo is a state which means that the body and mind feel calm and stable and people are at ease because of this. Therefore, God’s words have already guided us to guard our hearts so as not to be troubled and uneasy in our hearts. This is the way out. The disciples' hearts and spirits were aroused by Jesus' explanation of the Bible (Luke 24:32), and it was pointed out that it is important to remain in the Lord through knowing the truth, not following circumstances.

  We need to guard your heart earnestly that we need to prevent those changes.Since we would completely change ours because of the results of the medical report, children, work, words etc.Like the disciples were shaken by the wind and waves (Mark 4:35-40), even the Bible verses reminded us to stay strong, Satan sieves us like wheat, do not believe in the words that Christ here and there, follow mistakes and falsehoods.We read the Bible more, participating in trainings and praying for discerning wisdom and strengthen the foundation of truth.

  Thank you our God for leading Sunrise into His wonder that releasing vision about raising up prayer altars , Bible reading movement,mobile church etc.We experience the richness and various effects of the Lord on platforms. May we see the abundant grace and the glory from our Heavenly Father in Sunrise.We able to know more about the beauty of God’s presence and continue to pursue Him in the house of the living God more.

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