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Kneeling Down and Praying Earnestly

Kneeling down and praying earnestly, with steadfast heart Immediately after the National Day of Prayer, I took a plane to Taipei that night to continue praying for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the airspace. I took the opportunity to go to Tamsui,Taipei, and visit my teacher, whom I had not seen for six years. I have been affectionately desirous of meeting her to express my thanks for her teaching! My heart overflew with gratitude to her for training. My inner most give thanks to the Lord without ceasing for her determination in bringing my destiny in the Lord to completion. She commissioned me. Her blessings, her labor in travail of love of Christ as well as her fervent intercession for me, in much assurance, have helped me become a committed servant of the Kingdom of God.

When I arrived at Tamsui, there is a bronze statue of Missionary MacKay erected by the city government on the shore to show his deep commitment to Tamsui by kneeling down and praying. For more than a hundred years, there have been a number of Christian shops, Christian service organizations, churches, mission centers ….etc, building a very good spiritual climate there.

In Hong Kong, there are also numerous missionary footprints in the villages or remote areas. There are such as small churches, Christian kindergartens and elementary school, etc. Although most of them are deserted, the spiritual soil still exists forever in the Kingdom of God. Last week, I went to pray at Ha Pak Nai, and I was delighted to see the footprints of Christian schools, and there is the relics of a Christian kindergarten on a



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