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Let think about and see the Glory of God

  Brothers and sisters, we are thankful that God has cared for us and chose us to be His children so that we can worship and serve.

  We live and serve in His name in the church, in various places, to let others know that we are the people who receive and believe in God, and let others experience His power .

  When praying for the presence of God Under the current circumstances, it is indeed a challenge! This state should be remembered the "Spirit of God was hovering on ​​the water" (Genesis 1:1), All things in the world are created under the word of God and act according to the laws.

  "In the morning you will see the glory of the Lord" (Exodus 16:7a)

  Let me remind again that the theme of this year is "The Glorious Church". As we become a community with great God's glory, we must first look to the glorious God. We must have deeper desire for God’s glory to come to our lives, and experience the difference in how Jehovah’s glory manifests in us.

  Ask the Lord for helping us to improve our prayer life, look to His power, increase our trust and experience Him! Let us pray lots of for ourselves, our families, our brothers and sisters (including the Sunrise’s members in all zones and regions), society, and even the world. Everyone should participate in the Friday night sacrifice and morning prayer from Monday to Sunday, we able to pray online via Zoom, and continue to work with unity to accomplish the work of God’s kingdom .

  I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.



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