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Lift Up Gradually

From May 19 to July 25, I hiked 4 times and climbed cliff once. Although sometimes I failed, I realize God was lifting me up gradually through these activities.

On May 19, I went to Phoenix Mountain to prepare for prayer walk on May 26. That was my first time I set my feet on Phoenix Mountain. Although the hiking path is easy for most people, but the people like me------fear of height, fear of fall, and have problem on co-ordination of body------the path was very difficult and even scary. But thank God, with the support, presence and encouragement of my wife, I finished the whole path.

On June 13 before dawning, during our honeymoon journey in Indonesia, me and my wife join a tour of hiking in darkness for watch sunrise on top of a mountain. Although that mountain is rocky and steep, the only lighting equipment we have is only a headlamp, which the brightness is just like a torch, so hiking at that moment on that mountain was more difficult and scary than hiking Phoenix Mountain, but, again, thank God, with the support, presence and encouragement of my wife, and the help of the tour guide, I finished the whole path.

On July 7 and 15, for prayer walk on Castle Peak, I went there twice. Although I used to arrive the highest point on Castle Peak successfully, so I understand the difficulty of the hiking path of Castle Peak, and start learning to rely on God for

every step during the experience of hiking in darkness in Indonesia. These 2 times of hiking on Castle Peak were still a little bit challenging for me, because my wife has not gone with me to support and encourage me. But thank God with the presence of companion, I finish the whole path again.

On July 25, some other coworkers and I went to a waterfall for prayer walk, during the Indonesia strategic camp. There was a cliff in front of that waterfall which was as high as about two persons. We must climb over that cliff to reach that waterfall. Although companions and tour guide was beside me, I was still scared. And when I was still struggling for whether to climb or not, all companions and tour guide climbed over the cliff already. Only I stayed on the same place. Although I wanted to climb over and tried several times, I was still scared, so I failed.

Although not all the above experiences are successful, I realize the attentiveness of God. God wants me to climb over the cliff, to reach the beautiful place he created, but he knows me weakness, so he has not forced me to reach there in one time, but lifted me up gradually------from my wife goes with me to support and encourage, to only companions beside me, and finally nobody beside me, I can only rely on God; from a relative easy path, to hiking in darkness, and finally climbing cliff.

There will be many “high mountains” in everyone’s life, but no need to fear, and never mind failing, because God does not need us to climb over in one time, he only wants us to be willing to be lifted up. And he will lift us up gradually, until we can climb over all “high mountains” one day through the leading God. I have not succeeded yet, I am still in the process of being lifting up gradually by God. I encourage you to work hard on this together with me.


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